April 22nd 2017

Walking to the Go bus stop at my local strip mall.  Taking a bus to Union Station (Toronto) and then walking to Ripley’s Aquarium.  Done aquariums before.  So here goes my aquarium resume. Long Beach California, Miami Florida, Monterey California, and Maui Hawaii.  So do I have the job? *insert drumroll*  Change of plan, taking […]

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Wentworth Season 1 finale

SPOLIERS AHEAD! So happy with the way it turned out.  C’mon admit it, who doesn’t love a revenge show or movie.  I was watching an episode last night and my friend comes in my room, sees Jacs on screen and asks why I’m watching Martha Stewart.  Well….good news Wentworth fans…Martha Stewart went bye bye.  Stabbed […]

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Albee And Lemon Chicken..

…sitting in a tree…k..i..s..s..i..n..g!  Yes, my love affair with lemon chicken continues today.  Here at my work we’re ordering chinese food from Wing’s.  Lately I’ve been on a lemon chicken kick though.  “Oh you know how Albee gets.  Last two trips to Ottawa he went on a lemon chicken binge ordering from two different take […]

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April 20th 2017 5:08pm

At Starbucks, inside the Chapters store.  These days it’s my after work ritual.  I buy a coffee, read, catch up on Netflix.  I ordered a grande True North coffee.  Details are important!  Well, no.  I noticed they are selling Unicorn Frappucinos.  Umm…it’s really pink….and the barrista people drew a unicorn on the blackboard.  Could it […]

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April 20th 2017

Albee here…star of my own YouTube channel for nearly seven years now.  I am vlogger number so-and-so out of god knows how many other vlogging channels.  It’s been a white knuckle thrill ride of a day so far.  I had to change buses this morning due to a breakdown in bus technology.  But wait, it […]

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