Boundaries People!

 Angry old man rant ahead.  Why do my neighbours kids insists on playing on my lawn and driveway?  I should rip out the dictionary page with PARENTING and tape it to their front door.  Yesterday I was reading so I did it on the front porch in guard dog mode.  But later my neighbours kid starts throwing a hockey puck up in the air right under my window.  Guess what!  Not everyone is charmed and smitten by your children.  Maybe I should just grab a tennis ball and start playing on their lawn.  Yeah me, a grown ass man, giggling and rolling around on their grass.  Maybe they’d get the hint but I doubt it.  I thought of getting a No Tresspassing sign but they’d prob start playing with that too.  5 years of this is enough. I’m tired of avoiding my own place of residence.  Most people cannot wait to go home after work.  I however, grow anxious and nervous, abd work overtime hours whenever possible.  So thanks again neighbours, for ruining my quality of life.  Well done… On top of that is the bonus of constant running and screaming in the house…and the dog that “never barks.” 


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