April 20th 2017 5:08pm

At Starbucks, inside the Chapters store.  These days it’s my after work ritual.  I buy a coffee, read, catch up on Netflix.  I ordered a grande True North coffee.  Details are important!  Well, no.  I noticed they are selling Unicorn Frappucinos.  Umm…it’s really pink….and the barrista people drew a unicorn on the blackboard.  Could it be Deadpool’s unicorn?  Oh come on, you haven’t seen Deadpool yet?  It’s lolsies because Deadpool jerks off with a stuffed unicorn.  Spoiler Alert Albee! Sheesh, there’s already a teaser trailer for the sequel.  I was here yesterday and finished off reading Stephen King’s ‘Revival.’  I’m just glad I didn’t have any fooped up dreams about the book’s ending.  As for Netflix, I’m nearing the end of Wentworth season one.  Now, I DO LIKE Orange Is The New Black, but I can already tell this will be better.  Just think of Wentworth like the female version of Oz, minus all the rape and shanking.  By the way, i also have a tumblr account.  So is that technically a blog?  


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