Neighbour Drama

Well it seems the neighbors kids (3 boys) still love running inside the house. A few weeks back they did some renovations. Drywall, new toilet, counter, etc. This lasted a few weeks and oddly enough it was a blessing. It was QUIETER with the construction! Sounds hard to believe I know. I don’t want to […]

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April 25th 2017

Dear wordpress blog, today so far is a good day.  I was the envy of all the cafeteria.  Ok but really.  I had leftover ribs and some people were eyeing the merchandise.  Guys, my eyes are up here!  I’m referring to the ribs of course.  Mind…out…of…the…gutter… So this morning I moved all my Ripley’s Aquarium […]

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Boundaries People!

 Angry old man rant ahead.  Why do my neighbours kids insists on playing on my lawn and driveway?  I should rip out the dictionary page with PARENTING and tape it to their front door.  Yesterday I was reading so I did it on the front porch in guard dog mode.  But later my neighbours kid […]

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