April 25th 2017

Dear wordpress blog, today so far is a good day.  I was the envy of all the cafeteria.  Ok but really.  I had leftover ribs and some people were eyeing the merchandise.  Guys, my eyes are up here!  I’m referring to the ribs of course.  Mind…out…of…the…gutter… So this morning I moved all my Ripley’s Aquarium […]

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Boundaries People!

 Angry old man rant ahead.  Why do my neighbours kids insists on playing on my lawn and driveway?  I should rip out the dictionary page with PARENTING and tape it to their front door.  Yesterday I was reading so I did it on the front porch in guard dog mode.  But later my neighbours kid […]

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April 22nd 2017

Walking to the Go bus stop at my local strip mall.  Taking a bus to Union Station (Toronto) and then walking to Ripley’s Aquarium.  Done aquariums before.  So here goes my aquarium resume. Long Beach California, Miami Florida, Monterey California, and Maui Hawaii.  So do I have the job? *insert drumroll*  Change of plan, taking […]

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